Bachelor- (BA), Master Thesis (MA) and Research Practice (IP, FP)

If you want to want to work on a topic that is not listed above, please get in touch with us!


Information for TUM-Asia Applicants

Dear TUM-Asia applicants,
before you send an application for a bachelor’s thesis at EES, please read the following information carefully:

Our Institute provides every year interesting thesis topics related to electrical energy storage technology for TUM-Asia students, the topics and corresponding topic description will be published here ca. 1 month ahead of the application deadline (July 15th), if you are interested, please send the following application documents to us:

1.      Your up-to-date CV which should specify your technical expertise and relevant research/working experiences

2.      Your university grade report

3.      A motivation letter that describes your personal motivation for the topic that interests you the most, this letter should not exceed 1 page

4.      A list of numbered thesis topics (max. 3) which interest you, with 1 the most interesting and 3 the least

Notice: Please only send your application after the topics have been published and only complete application with the above required documents will be considered.

Open works



Simulation based determination of effective transport parameters in Li-ion batteries



Design Evaluation and Implementation of a Thermal Management Control Strategy for Lithium-Ion Battery System