Workshop on modeling and optimization as part of the StorageLink project


As part of the research project StorageLink, the second workshop on "Data-based Modeling and Optimization" took place on Thursday, March 28, 2019. The organizers, consisting of the project partners Smart Power GmbH and the Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology, would like to thank the successful participation and the productive expert contributions from research and industry.

The following topics were presented and discussed with the participants:

  • Modeling of stationary battery storage systems and their applications
  • Stacking of multiple applications (Multi-Use) and multiple storage systems (Multi-Storage)
  • Optimization algorithms and their application with battery storage systems
  • Future development of revenue streams and regulations for energy storage


As part of the research project, a further workshop is planned for the year 2019 on the topic "Integration and control of battery storage systems in future energy market models". More information about StorageLink can be found here.